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Super Slugs World have to explore through eight worlds(Jungle world, Grassland world, Desert world, piramid world, Volcanic world), survive from countless traps and enemies, collect coins, crocodile, spider and frog. This game is one of adventure games that tells his super quest, which is a fantastic 2d side-scrolling platform game with the best sense of control and well-designed levels like star the bomb. You will face many cool obstacles like in super adventures that makes this adventure games really good for kid games too.Features:1) Rich animations and in-game graphics that’s similiar with star skater graphics2) Moving background music and sound effects like in retro.3) 9 challenging enemies: devil slugs, giant slug, fly devil slugterra, crocodile and more secret enemies etc4) Many power-up Items: baseball, burger, coke, speed shoes, battle shoes, (more are coming soon)5) Jump on the top of enemy to defeat them6) Break brick with smash bros to release power-up item7) Scrabble through the worlds to look for items including jungle book8) Pick up items to become bigger, invincible or obtain ability of throwing baseball9) Hidden warp world and many cool looking levels like in cut the rope10) Slugs looking character that will make the game more fun
How to play1) Tap Left + Right to move around2) Tap Jump button to break brick like in smash slug bros3) Hold Jump button for a while to jump higher4) Stand on the top of tunnel for while to enter into it.5) Tap Left + Right to swing vine6) Jump on the top of enemy to defeat them, or throw ball at them.7) Collect coins as many as you can to unlock new levels and gather power-up items
This game is easy to control unlike star (slugterra) wars but very addictive too, very details of retro platform games reborn in Super Slugs World. such as jump to smash enemy, hit brick to release power-up item, Ted can pick up magic items to become bigger one(burger, baseball and coke), sliding tortoise and so on. The super awesome and UNIQUE features of Super Slugs Adventure is the hidden Dungeon world. Now, play as slug to explore the magic world, collect as many as coins and magic items, defeat 10+ kinds of enemies, just Jump, Crouch, Power-Up, Fire, you are the real hero...
Now, its time to install the game and enjoy the fun of Jump.